Pastry library

Behind the large windows of STAY Seoul’s Pastry Library sit all different sorts of colourful and delicious creations. And with a large offer, the only problem is choosing which one to have…


The more classical diner might enjoy the vanilla soufflé and its scoop of ice-cream, a perfectly irresistible and airy mix of hot and cold. The more artistic could be seduced by the architectural character of the crunchy rocket made with milk-chocolate opaline, filled with crème brûlée, typically French and with a caramel crunchiness.

The nostalgic will crack for the Pomme d’amour (Toffee apple), perfumed with fresh raspberries, a moment of pure joy and the ultimate in indulgence. The apple is first roasted with raspberry jam and orange juice until meltingly soft. Then it is given an extremely fine shell of white chocolate for body and crunch, and coated in raspberry jelly, whose bright red color immediately transforms it into what looks like an old-fashioned pomme d’amour. The apple is served surrounded by small, soft lemon-flavored meringues that create another texture.


Every pastry is a moment of unequalled sweetness, whether all in fruitiness or lightly spiced, and corresponds to guests’ specific tastes. Thanks to the skills of the head pastry chef, each one also becomes absolutely unmissable.

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