Yannick Alleno Group

Yannick Alléno and Florence Cane founded the Yannick Alléno Group in 2008.

This restauration group spreads concepts and products associated with the high-end gastronomic sector throughout France and around the world. It promotes the chef’s brand image, and handles the marketing of its creations and the management of the restaurants.

Yannick Alléno’s vision of the art of living is designed as an exclusive experience, and includes three main restaurants concepts (ALLENO, STAY and TERROIR PARISIEN), reference books, innovations, and the promotion of talented men and women – in kitchens or front of house – who share the chef’s vision of a new, modern cuisine.

The group is truly passionate and committed to promoting creative French cuisine, which Yannick Alléno respects, yet constantly reinvents with finesse and dedication. 

In numbers

16 restaurants
5 destinations
1,200 employees
3 key restaurant concepts: ALLENO, STAY, TERROIR PARISIEN


Our vision
To become the culinary leader in the art of French creation.

Our mission
Offering a contemporary, playful and emotional definition of luxury to our international clientele.

Our values
Creativity, passion, kindness, professionalism, ambition, consistency, modernity, quality, accessibility.

Our HR philosophy
Availability, attentiveness and flexibility; support and evolution; career plans that include recognition, long-term construction and follow-up; recognition of individuals’ work and skills; internal mobility. 

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Our friends

Since the beginning of the adventure, these companies have been accompanying us.
Without them, nothing would be possible.