Pastry library

For dessert, how do you choose between the Paris-Brest, the Grand-Marnier soufflé or the raspberry vacherin? Especially when they are all on display in the Pastry Library. A monument to the sweet-toothed, this large cabinet will tempt even the most self-controlled with its collection of delicious desserts

A signature part of the STAY experience, in which pastries take pride of place, the Mètre Pâtissier is ready to take its place at the centre of the table. Perfect for people who want to try everything, the metre-long serving dish, inspired by dressmakers’ measuring tapes, lines up a fine selection of different desserts. Also available as a half-metre, it has everything you could desire. 

And at the end of the meal, a tasty lollipop is offered to guests as a sweet little gift.

Stay Taipei la bibliothèque patissière

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