Modern restaurant

With a deliberate desire to take his stars around the world, Yannick Alléno is developing STAY as the embodiment of his concept of the modern, typically Parisian restaurant, as well as the perfect expression of his gourmet philosophy based upon listening, adapting, sharing and experimenting.


  • Listening to today’s customers who are knowledgeable connoisseurs and want where they eat to serve refined, creative and first-class cuisine;
  • Adapting to changing tastes and a more light-hearted spirit that is less stiff and more comfortable, but does not stint on service, which must be perfect;
  • Sharing a convivial moment, as simple as it is sublime, however many guests are present, for a special occasion or “just because”;
  • Experimenting with surprising moments, enjoying the present and allowing savoir-faire to bring together moments of joy with touches of modern magic.

With STAY, Yannick Alléno turns the spotlight on the precision of French cuisine, uniting it with affordable refinement and unbridled creativity. Elegant, precise and instantly understandable, his cooking expertly combines classic techniques and contemporary trends to better respond to our irrepressible desire for the new.

He is freely inspired by the landmark classics of French cuisine, which he modernizes with his own vision to meet modern expectations. Dishes have both lightness and “body”, and are always controlled and sometimes exclusive. Indeed, Alléno’s fine cuisine can often approach high gastronomy, such as in the Parisian chef’s single-minded and distinctive dedication to sauces.

The STAY promise: across the world, bringing to life a culinary experience of French taste that follows the rules of a cultivated experience, while remaining accessible, in a setting that is undeniably Parisian, chic and relaxed. 

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