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Le Principal
Alléno Paris (starting 82€) Alléno Paris au Pavillon Ledoyen

Simple, tasteful, quick and affordable, this menu is Yannick Alléno's modern vision of a weekday lunch. Enjoy a main course and a coffee with delicacies, served in 30-45 minutes, and accompanied by a glass of wine if desired. 

With this new ritual, the three-Michelin-starred chef has chosen to focus on flexibility, simplicity, common sense and pleasure; he offers his customers the opportunity to choose between two main dishes.

  • The flexibilityof a lunch freed from the formalism of a traditional gastronomic restaurant; the meal can be enjoyed in 30-45 minutes.
  • The simplicity of two options: the “omnivore” or the “vegetarian” dish; both blending purity of flavour, extraordinary products, gastronomic meaning, with a respect for resources.
  • The common sense of a balanced meal that is generous without being heavy, revitalizing, and which respects the body.
  • The pleasure of savouring the food, enjoying the beautiful surroundings and the service at its perfection.


"Le Principal" is served Monday to Friday from 12.30pm to 2pm.
Main course, coffee and petits fours: from €82.
Main course, coffee, petits fours, and a glass of wine chosen with our head sommelier: from €101. 


Alléno Paris au Pavillon Ledoyen
Carré des Champs-Élysées
8, avenue Dutuit - 75008 Paris, France
Tél. : +33 1 53 05 10 00