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A new brunch offer at STAY Seoul The new brunch in town where guests are hosted as if they were family. 

STAY Seoul unveils its brand-new brunch offer. Both sophisticated and yet very welcoming, this stylish get-together is offering to enjoy a real French friendly meal, based on sharing refined cuisine and experiencing uncommon interactions.

Every weekends, as a tradition that no one would miss, French are used to gather their friends and family at home for a convivial and joyful lunch. The whole purpose of those lunches, that are designed to last and favour lively talks while showcasing delicious home-made food, is to indulge among loved-ones. This is this spirit and kind of happy gathering STAY is now proposing its guests, in a more stylish but as joyful way.


  • Typical French classic regional recipes
  • A main dish, a very important concept for the Parisian chef ; literally served at the centre of the table for everyone to share
  • Modern approach and height of conviviality
  • The choice whether you want to serve your main yourslef to the others (as you would do at home), or want to be served by a professional waiter
  • A number of plentiful buffets and bars ; with the unforgettable French viennoiseries, charcuteries, baguette, French cheese, and more!
  • A divine desserts and fruits buffet in front of the Pastry library


As always, STAY Seoul offers the most refined and accessible culinary experience of French taste, in a typical Parisian setting, chic and relaxed.

Number of people: 100