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L'Abysse has just opened its doors! Modern sushi-counter

Come and discover Yannick Alléno's new restaurant at Pavillon Ledoyen Paris: a modern sushi counter in an ultra-contemporary setting.

Entrusted by Yannick Alléno to Yasunari Okazaki, a Japanese sushi master expatriated for the occasion, L’Abysse offers fantastic nigiris in menus or omasaké, with several small dishes reflecting the Parisian chef's personality, and one of the most amazing sake menu in France.

Pavillon Ledoyen
Carré des Champs-Élysées
8, avenue Dutuit - 75008 Paris, France

L'Abysse is open for lunch and dinner, from Tuesday to Saturday; only 12 seats at the counter
Booking at  +33 1 53 05 10 00 or